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A HTML segment is portrayed by a starting tag. If the part contains other substance, it closes with an end tag, where the segment name is gone before by a forward cut as showed up with few mark-

html elements

So here <p>....</p> is a HTML part, <h1>...</h1> is another HTML segment. There are some HTML parts which don't ought to be closed, for instance, <img.../>, <hr/> and <br/> segments. These are known as void parts.

html elements

HTML records involves a tree of these segments and they show how HTML reports should be manufactured, and what kind of substance should be placed in what part of a HTML document.

HTML Tag Vs Element

A HTML part is described by a starting tag. In case the part contains other substance, it closes with an end tag.
For example, <p> is starting tag of an area and </p> is closing tag of a comparable entry anyway <p>This is paragraph</p> is a segment.

Nested HTML Elements

It is particularly permitted to keep one HTML component inside another HTML component-


<!DOCTYPE html>

      <title>Nested Elements Example</title>

      <h1>This is <i>italic</i> heading</h1>
      <p>This is <u>underlined</u> paragraph</p>


This will display the following result −

                ⇛  This is italic heading
                ⇛ This is underlined paragraph

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