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HTML Entities

A few characters are saved in HTML and they have unique significance when utilized in HTML record. For instance, you can't utilize the more noteworthy than and not as much as signs or edge sections inside your HTML content in light of the fact that the program will treat them diversely and will attempt to attract an importance identified with HTML tag.

HTML processors must help following five exceptional characters recorded in the table that pursues.

html entities

Example -

In the event that you need to compose <div id = "character"> as a code then you should compose as pursues −

Following Result -

<div id = "character">

There is likewise a considerable rundown of unique characters in HTML 4.0. With the goal for these to show up in your record, you can utilize either the numerical codes or the element names. For instance, to embed a copyright image you can utilize both of the accompanying −

&copy; 2007
&#169; 2007


ISO 8853-1 Symbol Entities-

ISO 8859-1 Character Entities -

html entities

html entities

HTML Browser Supported Entities -

html entities

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