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You can characterize an inline outline with HTML tag <iframe>. The <iframe> tag isn't some way or another identified with <frameset> tag, rather, it can show up anyplace in your archive. The <iframe> tag characterizes a rectangular district inside the archive where the program can show a different report, including scrollbars and fringes. An inline outline is utilized to insert another archive inside the present HTML record.

The src credit is utilized to determine the URL of the record that possesses the inline outline.

Example -

Following is the guide to tell the best way to utilize the <iframe> −

Following Result -

 The <Iframe> Tag Attributes -

The greater part of the properties of the <iframe> tag, including name, class, frameborder, id, longdesc, marginheight, marginwidth, name, looking over, style, and title carry on precisely like the relating characteristics for the <frame> tag.

Note − The frameborder, marginwidth, longdesc, looking over, marginheight traits belittled in HTML5. Try not to utilize these characteristics.

Attribute & Description -

1.src -

This credit is utilized to give the record name that ought to be stacked in the casing. Its esteem can be any URL. For instance, src = "/html/top_frame.htm" will stack a HTML record accessible in html registry. -

This ascribe enables you to give a name to an edge. It is utilized to show which outline an archive ought to be stacked into. This is particularly significant when you need to make interfaces in a single casing that heap pages into an another edge, in which case the second casing needs a name to distinguish itself as the objective of the connection.

3.frameborder -

This trait determines whether the outskirts of that outline are appeared; it abrogates the esteem given in the frameborder property on the <frameset> tag on the off chance that one is given, and this can take esteems either 1 (yes) or 0 (no).


4.marginwidth -

This credit enables you to determine the width of the space between the left and right of the casing's outskirts and the casing's substance. The esteem is given in pixels. For instance marginwidth = "10".


5.marginheight -

This ascribe enables you to indicate the tallness of the space between the top and base of the casing's fringes and its substance. The esteem is given in pixels. For instance marginheight = "10".


6.tallness -

This characteristic determines the stature of <iframe>.


7.looking over -

This characteristic controls the presence of the scrollbars that show up on the casing. This takes esteems either "yes", "no" or "auto". For instance looking over = "no" signifies it ought not have scroll bars.



This credit enables you to give a connection to another page containing a long depiction of the substance of the edge. For instance longdesc = "framedescription.htm"


9.width -

This characteristic indicates the width of <iframe>.

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