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HTML5 Browser Support

HTML5 is bolstered in every advanced program.

Likewise, all programs, old and new, naturally handle unrecognized components as inline components.

Along these lines, you can "instruct" more established programs to deal with "obscure" HTML components.

NOTE - You can even instruct IE6 (Windows XP 2001) how to deal with obscure HTML components.

Define Semantic Elements as Block Elements -

HTML5 characterizes eight new semantic components. All these are square dimension components.

To verify right conduct in more established programs, you can set the CSS show property for these HTML components to square:

 Add New Elements to HTML -

You can likewise add new components to a HTML page with a program trap.

This precedent includes another component called <myHero> to a HTML page, and characterizes a style for it:

Example -

Following Result -

 NOTE -The JavaScript explanation document.createElement("myHero") is expected to make another component in IE 9, and prior.

Problem With Internet Explorer 8 -

You could utilize the arrangement depicted above for all new HTML5 components.

Be that as it may, IE8 (and prior) does not permit styling of obscure components!

Fortunately, Sjoerd Visscher made the HTML5Shiv! The HTML5Shiv is a JavaScript workaround to empower styling of HTML5 components in forms of Internet Explorer preceding adaptation 9.

NOTE -You will require the HTML5shiv to give similarity to IE Browsers more established than IE 9.

Syntax For HTML5Shiv -

The HTML5Shiv is put inside the <head> tag.

The HTML5Shiv is a javascript document that is referenced in a <script> tag.

You should utilize the HTML5Shiv when you are utilizing the new HTML5 components, for example, <article>, <section>, <aside>, <nav>, <footer>.

Syntax -

HTML5Shiv Example -

On the off chance that you would prefer not to download and store the HTML5Shiv on your webpage, you could reference the form found on the CDN website.

The HTML5Shiv content must be put in the <head> component, after any templates:

Example -

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